Caramel Macaroni Pudding


• 50 gm – short macaroni
• 1/2 cup – Sugar
• 300 ml – Milk
• 2 tbsp – Corn flour
• 1/2 tsp – vanilla essence
• For topping
• 1/2 cup – thick Cream
• 2 tbsp – icing Sugar
• 1 Banana
• 1 small Apple


  1. Cook the macaroni in salted boiling water. Drain and rinse with cold water.
  2. Place the sugar in a thick bottomed pan. Add 1/4 cup of water. Heat stirring till the sugar is dissolved. Increase the flame and cook without stirring till the syrup turns a rich brown colour. Remove from fire.
  3. Mix corn flour with 100 ml of milk. Heat the remaining milk till just warm. Pour it over the caramel syrup and heat gently till the caramel is dissolved in milk. Add the corn flour and milk mixture. Cook and stir till it begins to boil. Simmer for 1 minute and remove from fire. Stir in the essence.
  4. Stir in the macaroni and pour in a pudding dish. Cool and chill in refrigerator.
  5. Just before serving, top with cream with icing sugar till thick. Spread on the pudding. Top with sliced banana and apple.