Halwai September 19, 2020


• 1 cup – Rice flour
• Salt to taste
• 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp – water
• 1/2 cup – grated Coconut


  1. Mix the rice flour with salt and water and mix well.
  2. When you roll the mixture into a ball, it should be able to hold shape and crumble easily when you crush it.
  3. Put the mixture in a grinder and run for a couple of seconds. This step is optional. The blitzing making the puttu even more softer.
  4. Place the pressure cooker with water and let boil.
  5. Meanwhile, take the chiratta/coconut shell or the utensil.
  6. The utensil usually has a perforated disc which needs to be placed at the bottom.
  7. Once the disc is in place spread a little coconut evenly on the bottom.
  8. Put in the rice flour mixture till the brim.
  9. Sprinkle some more coconut evenly on top.
  10. Place the coconut shell or utensil on top of the pressure cooker.
  11. Cover and let cook for approximately 5- 7 minutes and till the cooked smell comes.
  12. Invert the shell on a plate.
  13. Serve with the accompaniment of your choice.
  14. Recipe Courtesy: Mareena’s Recipe Collections