Halwai July 9, 2022


• 1 cup – iced Sugar
• 1 tsp – of cocoa powder
• 1.5 tbsp – water (for stiffer icing)
• 1-1/2 tbsp – water (for flowing icing)
• 2-3 drops of food colour, or as desired
• 2-3 drops essence to match


  1. Put iced sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl. Sifting is not required, unless it is very lumpy.
  2. Pour water, stir to mix, and gently heat it.
  3. When it gets fully dissolved, add colour and essence, and mix it evenly.
  4. Pour immediately onto cake. Spread it evenly, allowing it to flow over the sides.
  5. Run a knife dipped in hot water to even it out on the top.
  6. Allow it to cool completely before touching it for further decorations.

Recipe courtesy of Saroj Kering