Halwai April 15, 2019


• 2 tbsp – besan flour
• 1 cup – sooji (cream of wheat)
• 1/2 cup – finely cut tomato, onion, green chilli, bell peppers, shredded carrot.
• 2 tbsp – yogurt
• 1/2 cup – water
• spices – powdered red chilli, black pepper.
• Salt to taste


  1. Mix gram flour, sooji, finely cut vegetables and spices in it.
  2. Add yogurt and water in the mixture and mix it well to the consistency of pancake mix
  3. Take a non-stick skillet and put some oil on it. Now put a spoon full of mix on the skillet and spread it like dosa
  4. When done flip and serve with chutney

Recipe courtesy of Ila