Kasturi January 19, 2023

Dal moth is an Indian snacks/namkeen. It’s a dry snacks which can be enjoy anytime you want. Dal moth is a mixture of fried lentils, nuts, Indian spices with some tangy and spicy flavors. In Gujarat, during the Diwali festival, people made it at home and celebrate the festival of joy. Dal moth is very easy recipe which you can instantly make at home in lesser time. Follow these steps to learn making of dal moth.
Preparation Time: 2 hours
Cooking Time: 10 Minutes
Servings: 5 Persons
dal moth recipe by rasoi menu


– 1 cup Masoor dal (lentil)
– 10 gm cashew nuts
– 4-5 dry red chilli
– 1 small cup curry leaves
– ? teaspoon red chili powder
– Salt to taste
– 2 cup oil for deep frying

How To Make?

1. In a cold water, soak the masoor dal (lentils) for 7-8 hours.
2. After that, remove the dal from the water and wash it in the fresh water then remove it from the water then spread it on the dry towel for 10-15 minutes so the remaining water will be removed from the soaked dal.
3. Now, in a deep frying pan, heat the oil and fry the soaked dal until it becomes crispy.
4. Remove the dal from the oil and spread it on the absorbent paper to remove the excess oil.
5. Repeat the process for the remaining dal.
6. Now, fry the cashew nuts, red chilies and curry leaves.
7. Now, in a bowl, add fried Masoor dal, curry leaves, red chilies, cashew nuts, red chili powder and salt to it.
8. Mix them well and you spicy dal moth is ready. Store it in an air tight container to store longer.