Halwai October 22, 2018


• 1 cup – All-purpose flour
• 1 tbsp – Corn flour
• 1/2 cup – Sugar
• 4 tbsp – Creamy Peanut Butter
• 1/2 cup – Hot water
• 1/4 cup – Olive oil
• 1 tsp – Baking powder
• 2 tbsp – Flax seeds meal (grind the Flax seeds into a fine powder)
• 6 tbsp – Hot water
• 150grms – White chocolate bar (chopped)


  1. Sift together the baking powder and flours.
  2. Beat together in a large bowl olive oil, and sugar and whisk until the sugar gets dissolved.
  3. Heat the chopped white chocolate pieces and peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl for a minute on high power, and stir.
  4. Add this to the whisked oil-sugar mixture.
  5. Mix together 6 tablespoons of hot water and flax seed meal, make a paste and add this to the wet ingredients.
  6. Gradually add the flour to the wet ingredients by slowly adding hot water little bit at a time till the flour and hot water is used up.
  7. Grease a mould and pour the batter and bake for 20-25 minutes in middle rack.
  8. Recipe courtesy: Priya Easy N Tasty Recipes