Kasturi July 19, 2018

Farali Patra is staple snack in almost every household of Gujarat through vrat days. These steamed dumplings can be served as an anytime snack or as farsaan with a farali meal. This mildly flavored and easy to make snack is very popular. This patra recipe uses colocassia leaves as the primary Ingredients. The tempering of cumin seeds that is sprinkled at top, adds more zest to this dish. Serve hot and enjoy with farali green chutney of mint and coriander.
Preparation Time: 10-15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20-25 Minutes
Servings: 2 Persons
farali patra recipe by rasoi menu


– 3 colocassia leaves
– 1 cup amaranth flour
– 1 cup samvat rice flour
– 1 ? teaspoons lime juice
– 2 teaspoons red chilli powder
– Rock salt to taste
– Sugar to taste
– 2 tablespoons oil
– ? teaspoon cumin seeds
– ? teaspoon sesame seeds
– Pomegranate seeds, for garnishing
– Coconut scraped, for garnishing

How To Cook?

1. Heat sufficient water in a steamer and trim the colocassia leaves.
2. In a bowl, place the flours, lemon juice, red chilli powder, sugar, rock salt and sufficient water. Mix well and make a thick paste.
3. Apply and spread this paste all over the back side of a colocassia leaf then place another leaf over this with its pointed end opposite the first one and again apply the paste over this too.
4. Continue this procedure for 1 more leaf. And fold the sides slightly and tightly roll. Keep this roll on a perforated plate and place it in the steamer.
5. Cover the steamer with lid and steam for about 15 minutes or until done.
6. Turn off the flame and take the roll out and set aside to cool completely.
7. Once roll completely cool, slice it into roundels.
8. Heat oil in a pan and add cumin seeds and sesame seeds.
9. When they start spluttering add sliced patra and toss them.
10. Transfer them onto the serving plate and garnish it with coconut scrape and pomegranate seeds.
11. Savor it hot.