Halwai September 1, 2022


• 1/2 kg – Carrots
• 1 cup – Milk
• 1 cup – Brown sugar (cane unrefined sugar)
• 2 tbsp – Ghee
• 1 tbsp – cashews
• 1 tbsp – Pistachios
• 1 tsp – cardamon, powdered
• For Toppings:
• 1 tbsp – cardamon
• 1 tbsp – Raisins


  1. Scrap, wash and grate the carrots. Place carrots, in thick-bottomed vessel and add previously boiled milk. Cook until soft and milk gets dried, then the carrots get cooked and look soft (You can see the milk cream settled on the carrots).
  2. Now add the brown sugar and stir, cook until sugar gets dried up.
  3. Keep stirring, so that it does not burn.
  4. Place a thick bottomed kadai, heat it and put 2 tbsp ghee, fry cashews till light brown.
  5. Add pistas, cooked carrots and keep stirring.
  6. Until it gives a pleasant aroma and looks slightly reddish.
  7. Take care not to burn. Add cardamoms powder before serving, since it is good for digestion.
  8. Serve in small desserts bowls, sprinkled with cardamom and fried raisins on top.

Recipe courtesy of Vijayalakshmi Bhandari