Kasturi September 10, 2017

Kheema roti is a delicious roti recipe with the mixture of minced meat with some spicy flavor. Let’s learn how to make kheema roti at home.


– 375 gm flour
– 220 gm minced lamb
– 1 small chopped onion
– 1 tablespoon garam masala
– 1 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves
– 2-3 finely chopped green chillies
– 1 chopped tomato
– 1 lemon
– Ghee
– Salt to taste

How To Cook?

1. Take a kadhai and heat a tablespoon of ghee and fry the onion until it tender but not brown, now add meat and cook it until it becomes brown in color.
2. Now, add tomato, coriander and green chillies and season with garam masala and salt to taste.
3. Cook till meat is tender and keep aside to cool.
4. Meanwhile make smooth stiff dough from the flour with using enough water.
5. Roll out two rotis (chapati) and spread a spoonful of meat mixture on one, cover with the other roti and seal ends well.
6. Heat griddle (tava) and cook on both sides with a little ghee till nicely browned and edges turn crisp.
7. Serve kheema roti with fried eggs for breakfast and plain as a snack.

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes