Halwai January 16, 2020


• For batter:
• 2 cups – all purpose flour
• 1 – Egg (optional)
• 1 tbsp – Sugar
• salt, a pinch
• water, to make a thick batter
• For filling:
• 2 cups – grated Coconut
• Sugar to taste
• 1/4 tsp – powdered Cardamom


  1. Mix all the ingredients for the batter to a dosa consistency.
  2. Pour a ladleful of the batter on a non-stick pan and make thin dosas. (Apply filling as you make each individual dosa, because they tend to stick to each other if piled one on top of the other.)
  3. For the filling, mix all the ingredients and place a tbsp of filling in each dosa and roll it to the shape of a rod.
  4. Makes a wonderful and easy-to-make snack.

Recipe courtesy of Priya