Halwai November 22, 2018


• 1 cup – Wheat flour
• 3/4 cup – chopped Palak greens
• 1/4 to 1/2 tsp – Garam Masala powder
• 1/4 tsp – Turmeric powder
• 2 tbsp – Coriander leaves
• Salt – to taste
• To temper:
• 1 tsp – Jeera
• 1/2 tsp – Ajwain seeds (Omam)
• 1 – Green chilli
• 1 tsp – Oil


  1. Heat oil in a pan – add the items under ‘to temper’ and allow it to crackle.
  2. Then add palak greens and saute till it shrinks in volume.
  3. Once the greens shrinks, switch off and add coriander leaves and switch it off.
  4. Cool down the mixture and grind it to a fine paste.
  5. In a mixing bowl add wheat flour, greens paste, turmeric powder, garam masala powder and required salt.
  6. Add required water little by little and knead it to a soft dough.
  7. Then divide the dough into equal lemon-sized balls.
  8. Flour the surface and take one ball and flatten it.
  9. Then start rolling it gently to a thin paratha (as there is no stuffing).
  10. Heat a dosa tawa, transfer the parathas, drizzle a little oil and cook till brown spots appear then turn over to other side and cook.
  11. Serve hot with raita / dal or your favourite side dish.
  12. Recipe courtesy: Sharmi’s Passions

Recipe courtesy of Sharmilee