Halwai October 17, 2020


• 1 loaf – bread (white/rye)
• 1 pack – mushrooms, chopped
• 1 – onion, big, chopped
• 4 or 5 – green chillies, minced
• 1 tsp – Cumin seeds
• Salt to taste
• Turmeric powder – a pinch
• Oil to saute


  1. Heat oil in a pan, add the cumin seeds, chillies and the onions. Fry the onions till they are translucent.
  2. Then add the mushrooms, salt and turmeric, and keep frying till the mushrooms are cooked.
  3. Meanwhile, take water in a shallow plate and dip each bread slice and remove quickly, taking care that the bread slices don’t get too soggy.
  4. Squeeze out the water and arrange the bread slices on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray.
  5. Spoon out the filling on each of the slices and roll each slice, sealing the ends with water.
  6. Bake the slices in a 350 F oven for about 10 minutes or till the bread slices turn golden brown.
  7. Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

Recipe courtesy of Kamakshi