Halwai September 11, 2019


• 3 cups – Rice powder
• 4 cups – Milk
• 3/4 – Coconut grated
• 1 tsp – Yeast or a small glass of toddy
• Sugar and salt as required


  1. Add yeast or toddy to the rice powder and sufficient water. Let it ferment overnight.
  2. In the morning, add milk, sugar, salt and mix thoroughly.
  3. Heat a cast iron kadai or chatti, grease its surface evenly with a little oil if required.
  4. Pour one small round ladle full of mixture into the kadai and rotate it manually using gloves, so that the mixture spreads evenly on the surface of the kadai.
  5. Then cover it with a lid and cook till the edges of the appam turns light brown.
  6. Remove the appam from the kadai.
  7. Serve hot with stew or milk.

Recipe courtesy of Sify Bawarchi