Halwai March 13, 2018


• 2.5 cups – plain flour
• 2 tbsp – Butter
• 3/4 cup – Sunflower oil
• 3 tbsp – Orange juice
• 1/4 cup – water
• Zest of 1 Orange
• 1/2 tsp – Cinnamon powder
• For the syrup:
• 1/2 cup – Honey
• 1/4 cup – water
• Zest of 1 Lemon
• 1/2 tsp – rose water
• For Chilli Chocolate Sauce: ( Optional)
• 50 gms – dark chocolate
• 2 tsp – Butter
• 1/4 tsp – chilli flakes
• Oil – 4 tbsp


  1. Heat 3/4 cup of oil in a pan, add the zest of 1 orange, and heat it for 2 minutes.
  2. Switch off the flame, let the oil cool down completely to room temperature.
  3. In a saucepan add butter, orange juice and 1/4 cup of water. When the butter has melted add the cinnamon, stir well.
  4. Now add the flour all at once and then immediately add the oil, take it off from the flame.
  5. Stir vigorously until it forms a smooth dough. Cover the dough and let it rest for 1 hour.
  6. Meanwhile make the syrup. Boil the honey , lemon zest and water for 5 minutes stirring continuously until it reaches a syrupy consistency.
  7. Finally add rosewater and switch off the flame.
  8. To make the chocolate chilli sauce, heat the chocolate in a bowl placed on top a sauce pan simmering with water.
  9. When the chocolate has melted, add the butter and chilli flakes mix well.
  10. Take the bowl away from the saucepan and let it cool down.
  11. Now start preparing the pastry. Dust the work surface with flour, roll out the pastry into a square, cut it into small 5 cm square. Turn the square like a diamond shape, join the two ends and seal it with water.
  12. Repeat with the remaining dough. Heat the oil in a pan, fry 2 to 3 pieces at a time until they turn golden brown in colour. Drizzle with the syrup, dust with icing sugar. If you are preparing chocolate sauce, drizzle some on top.
  13. Serve warm or cold.
  14. Recipe Courtesy: Taste of Pearl City

Recipe courtesy of Ayeesha Riaz