Halwai June 12, 2017


• For Base:
• Digestive biscuit (Crumb)-200 gm
• Butter (melted)-80 gm
• For Mousse:
• Vanilla pod-1 No
• Soft Cheese-500 gm
• Whipped cream-500 gm
• Milk-100 gm
• Rasmalai (whole)-400 gm
• Gelatin-30 gm
• Chilled Water(for Gelatin soaking)-90 gm
• For Garnish/ Plating:
• White Chocolate Spray
• Pistachio Flakes
• Chocolate Garnish


  1. Mix biscuit crumb and butter well then spread in base of heart shape silpat mould. Keep mould in refrigerator for chilling.
  2. Soak gelatin in 90 ml water and keep aside.
  3. Make mousse mixture by mixing cheese, whipped cream, milk, and vanilla pod.
  4. Use the refrigerated biscuit crumb mould, arrange the rasmalai layer on top of it.
  5. Melt gelatin in micro wave oven and add in mousse mixture.
  6. Pour mixture in silpat and freeze for overnight.
  7. Un-mould cheese cake then spray the white chocolate and let it thaw in refrigerator. Garnish with Pistachio flakes and chocolate.

Recipe courtesy of Chef Balvinder Pal Singh Lubhana