Halwai August 13, 2022


• 1/2 cup – Rice
• 2 cups – Milk
• 1/4 cup – Yellow split moong dal
• 1/2 cup – Sweetened condensed Milk
• 1/2 tsp – Cardamom powder
• 2 tsp – Ghee
• A few Cashew nuts
• A few Saffron strands
• A few Almond flakes


  1. Wash and cook the rice and moong dal with a cup of milk and a cup of water up to 3 whistles.
  2. Once the steam gets released, add the remaining milk, sweetened condensed milk, saffron strands and cardamom powder and cook everything on low heat for a few minutes.
  3. Heat the ghee in a pan, fry the cashew nuts, add to the cooking kheer and take it off the stove.
  4. Serve warm, topped with a few almond flakes. Recipe courtesy: Priya Easy N Tasty Recipe

Recipe courtesy of Priya