Milk – 1/2 Litre
Lemon Juice /Vinegar – 1-2 tbsp
rose syrup 1tbsp

For Sugar Syrup
Sugar – 1 cup
Water 3 cups
Rose essence


Boil Milk in a pan in medium flame. First add lemon juice/vinegar and stir slowly till milk curdles completely n milk solids floating on top … Switch off flame.Take a muslin cloth and pour the curdled milk. Drain the whey water. Rinse the chenna very well to remove the taste of lemon. Place a heavy object over the chenna for 5 minutes, or squeeze the chenna with your hands to remove the water. After that Knead the chenna with rose syrup gently for 10 minutes until a very smooth dough (I used grinder to churn n make smooth dough just for 2-3 sec. )Divide the dough and roll . .. Cracks should not be there…
Take a vessel that has enough space, as the rasagulla’s gets doubled in size.
Add sugar and water in a vessel and melt the sugar. let it start boiling.
Drop paneer balls one by one carefully. Cover it with a lid. Cook covered for 7-10 minutes, open the lid and just shake the vessel. Cook uncovered for another 5 minutes. Now the rasagullas gets doubled in size. Switch off flame, allow it to cool, don’t cover it until it cools or else rasagullas shrink. Then add rose essence to the sugar syrup and shake the vessel