Halwai August 14, 2019


• Mango (Aam)


  1. Choose fully ripe and healthy mangoes. Wash and clean the fruit
  2. Place thumb over the base and hold mango firmly between thumb and finger from base to tip.
  3. Now soften the fruit with the other hand by rotating the mango and applying pressure at the same time.
  4. When fully softened, snip off base with hand.
  5. Push out and empty contents (stone and all) into a deep dish.
  6. Discard skin.
  7. Put some water in a smaller dish. Place squeezed off stones in this.
  8. When all mangoes are done with, rinse out stones in water in which they are soaking.
  9. Add to the remaining pulp.
  10. Run a handmixie through the mixture to get either a smooth or grainy texture as desired.

Recipe courtesy of Sify Bawarchi