• For jamuns:
• 1 cup – Flour
• 2 tsp – baking powder
• 1 cup – Bisquick
• 1 cup – Cream (may be substituted with half and half)
• 2 tsp – baking powder
• 1/2 cup – Butter
• 3/4 tsp – Cardamom (ground)
• Ghee for deep frying (may be substituted with vegetable oil)
• 2 cups – dry powdered Milk
• For syrup:
• 1/2 tbsp – rose water
• 3 cups – Sugar
• 4 cups – water
• 1/4 cup – Brown sugar


  1. Combine all the ingredients for the syrup except for the rose water in a heavy saucepan. Boil together to make a thick, sugary syrup.
  2. The rose water will be added when the gulabs are in the saucepan. Always keep the syrup warm.
  3. Sift together the dry ingredients for the jamuns. This includes the flour, bisquick, dry powdered milk, baking powder, baking soda, ground cardamom.
  4. Next, warm up the cream and melt the butter.
  5. Combine the two and then slowly pour this into the dry mixture while kneading the dough very slowly with hands.
  6. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead until elastic and very smooth.
  7. Break off little pieces about the size of a quarter.
  8. Roll pieces into smooth little balls.
  9. Heat the vegetable oil until hot.
  10. Drop a very small piece of dough in and when it rises to the top, the oil is ready.
  11. Watch the temperature carefully since these little balls will burn easily. Drop a few balls in at a time.
  12. Fry until dark golden brown.
  13. Remove and immediately drop into warm syrup.
  14. Let them soak in the syrup until all are finished. Put gulab jamuns and syrup in a serving dish and sprinkle the rose water.
  15. Shredded coconut may also be added for garnish.
  16. These can be prepared a day ahead. They taste amazing either warm or cold.
  17. Before serving, they can be reheated in the syrup.

Recipe courtesy of Sejal