Halwai October 16, 2017


• 500 ml – water
• 150 g – fresh lingonberries
• Pinch of salt
• 75 g – Sugar
• 100 g – semolina


  1. In a heavy bottom sauce pan, warm water, add lingonberries, sugar and salt and mash half of the berries with ladle as water starts to boil.
  2. Boil for 10 mins. Stain the juice. Pour the juice back to saucepan.
  3. On low flame, slowly add semolina, and cook for about 15 mins.
  4. Let the porridge cool and whisk with electric beater, till it is light and fluffy. Serve with warm or cold milk.
  5. Recipe Courtesy: A Pinch Of Love

Recipe courtesy of Ananda