Kasturi May 10, 2017

Shakkar para is a crispy sugar coated biscuits made from maida and milk. Shakkar para is a tea time snacks and it’s specially made for Diwali. Let learn how to make sweet shakkar para.


– 2 cup maida
– 1 cup ghee
– 1 cup castor sugar
– 1 cup milk
– Oil for deep frying

How To Cook?

1. In a bowl, add maida, ghee, sugar and milk. Mix it well and knead a tough dough from it.
2. Cover the dough and keep it aside for 15-20 minutes.
3. Now, make a large rolls from the dough and roll out in a thick round shaped rotis form it.
4. Then cut shakkar para of 1 cm diameter.
5. Repeat the procedure for all the remaining dough.
6. Now, heat oil in a frying pan and deep fry the shakkar para at MEDIUM flame, till they turns golden brown in color.
7. Remove it from the oil and place it on absorbent paper.
8. Shakkar Para is ready to serve. Store them in an air tight container.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes