About Us

Rasoitime brings you some of the best recipes from cuisines all around India and the rest of the world, as a result of the diligent work by Mrs. Abhilasha.

Currently a housewife, she has done her bachelors in Biology and a diploma in fashion designing, is a true connoisseur and considers cooking an art. Her expertise of Indian Spices enables her to conjure up delectable dishes that are sure to appeal to all your senses.

And now, she aspires to share with the world her secret, of the masterpieces she has crafted over many years. She provides her recipes, some creative cooking ideas and useful tips, all at your fingertips just a click away.

Rasoitime has been created keeping in mind the needs of everyone from Vegetarians to Non Vegetarians, our Jain friends, and yes of course kids! We have a range of exquisite recipes from the far corners of India, and some exciting Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Italian ones as well. We hope that you enjoy our mouth watering recipes and include them in your home menu.

Happy Cooking!