Kasturi March 6, 2021

Tandoori Aloo Roti is a delicious Indian recipe and it is the favorite of all people who loves stuffed paratha. It’s a famous food of north India. It is little similar to aloo paratha but crispier than it. This Tandoori Aloo Roti is stuffed with potato filling and normally cooked in tandoor and garnished with butter. Once you try this I am sure you will make this delicious roti again and again!
Preparation Time: 35 Minutes
Cooking Time: 25 Minutes
Servings: 2 Persons
Tandoori Aloo Roti recipe by Rasoi Menu


– 2 cups wheat flour
– 250 gm potatoes
– 1 teaspoon green chilli paste
– 1 tablespoon finely ground pomegranate seeds
– 1 teaspoon red chilli powder
– 1 teaspoon garam masala powder
– ? teaspoon cumin powder
– 1 teaspoon lime juice
– 2 tablespoons finely chopped coriander leaves
– Salt to taste
– Water as required

How to Cook?

To Make Potato Filling

1. First, boil the potatoes and set aside cool.
2. Once the potato is cool peel them and then mash them well.
3. Now, add all spices to the mashed potato and mix well.

To Make Dough

1. In a bowl, place wheat flour and add salt to it and by adding water knead the dough well.
2. When dough is ready keep it aside for 30 minutes.

To Make Tandoori Aloo Roti

1. To make tandoori aloo roti, first divide the dough into equal balls.
2. Then, flatten the ball a little and place 1 tablespoon of the potato filling.
3. Now, bring the edges of the dough together to seal the filling.
4. Roll out the ball on a floured board into a thick chapatti, taking care that no stuffing comes out.
5. Now, moisten one palm and stick the roti onto the walls of hot tandoor or a gas tandoor.
6. Cook it till well brown.
7. Now, remove the aloo roti with the help of gloved hands.
8. Then apply butter or ghee on it and serve hot.