Kasturi July 25, 2023

Summer, a best season for mango lovers. You can make many types of recipes with using mangoes. Aam Panna is made from the raw mangoes, which is a best drink for hot summer days. Enjoy this Aam Panna Recipe.
Preparation Time: 10 minute
Cooking Time: 10 minute
Servings: Makes 2 Glass

aam panna recipe


– 1 cup peeled and diced raw mangoes
– ? cup sugar
– ? tablespoon black salt
– ? tablespoon roasted cumin powder
– ? cup water

How To Make?

1. Add ? cup water to the mangoes and mix it well and microwave it at 100% power for 5 minute.
2. Now, add sugar and microwave it for 2 minute at 100% power.
3. Add cumin powder and black salt. When cool, take a blender and blend it properly. Cool it and fill in air tight bottles.
4. Mix ? glass of this puree with ? glass of ice cold water to serve.