Kasturi May 4, 2023

Berry blush, this berry-licious Mocktail is a berry lover’s dreams come true. This cool blend of cranberry and orange juice is shaken together and chilled with some ice cubes, also topped with soda and crowned with pine-green grape. Check out this delightful Mocktail recipe.


– 1 cup chilled cranberry juice
– 1 cup chilled orange juice
– 4 teaspoon powdered sugar
– 2 cups chilled club soda
– Some ice cubes
– 4-5 mint leaves
– 6-7 green grapes, for garnish

How To Make?

1. Put grapes and mint leaf in each glass and also put ice cubes to it.
2. Combine cranberry juice, apple juice and sugar in a large jug. Mix it.
3. Pour this into each glasses and top it with soda.
4. Garnish it with stirrer or pine-grape and serve chilled.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Servings: 4 Persons