Nirmala August 30, 2023

1. Bal Mithai :

Bal Mithai is a brown chocolate-like fudge, made with roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls.

2. Rus :

It serves to be one of the most sought-after culinary delights that precisely demarcates Uttarakhand from other Indian states with respect to cuisine. Rus is also rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals that are required for the proper functioning of human body. Rus is also an alluring treat meant to satiate the taste buds of people with different tastes.

3. Malta :

this is Malta, a typically local fruit from Uttranchal totally resembling Orange..but they are not. Its a winter fruit and one see so many of tham all aorund hanging from the numerous trees in the winters.And then I bought 6 of them and tried one..I can tell you, I had nothing so sour in my whole life..the super citrus taste of it just twisted my mouth and my is used to make pickles in Uttranchal and is liked a lot by everybody..This shot was taken in kausani from under the tree when the morning sun rays were hitting the fruits and giving a beautiful and colourful view against the deep blue sky

4. Roat :

It is traditional dish made usually at family functions like or religious functions. It is a type of sweet bread made with wheat flour and jaggery, flavored with fennel soaked water to give it an extra edge.

5. Kafhal :

Uttarakhand is a state of taste, flavor and nutrition which gives your taste buds an awesome wholesome experience of various varities of fruits like peach (aadoo), plum (pulam), apricot (khumanee), pears (nashpati), cherry, mango, citrus (malta), litchi, guava, jackfruit, apple, strawberry, lemon, kirmodi, Hisaaloo, Kafal, Ghigharu, pine (cheer) and Bedu. Climate of Uttarakhand supports variety of fruits which have their unique taste and they are something you will like to have again and again. State has a variety of wild fruits like kafal, hisalu and bedu which are sweet and sour in taste and are very famous fruits of both the kumaon and garhwal regions.

6. Saag :

Saag is a fried dish of green vegetables. Can be made from any of the various green vegetables like palak (spinach), lai, methi and so on.

7. Mandua ki Roti :

Uttarakhand is known for its characteristic food items, one of which is Mandua ki roti of Uttarakhand. This dish is highly popular with visitors and tourists to the area. Mandua ki roti of Uttarakhand is usually served as the main course. Mandua Ki Roti in Uttarakhand happens to be the local term for chappatis which are made from the cereal called Mandua. Uttarakhand’a mandua ki roti is one of the principal type of main courses native to the Uttarakhand region and representative of the local cuisine.