Kasturi September 9, 2022

If you wish to be a kitchen queen at your home, then it’s essential to implement some smart, effective and easy tips to keep your cooking style new and updated. You can’t eat the same kind of and same taste food every day. Some kind of variations, in food taste, spices and variety requires. When you eat healthy food it impact on your body and makes you stay healthy for longer.
easy kitchen tips to cook food fast
Today I am sharing some quick kitchen tips which not only helps you to make a delicious food but also makes you a smart women in your house. So, let’s have a look on some simple tips to cook tasty food.
– While making any stuffed sabji / vegetables, add fried andamp; crushed peanuts into the stuffing, it adds different taste to your recipe.
– Usually we through away left over food. But, rather than throwing the leftover food you can use it as a stuffing in the paratha which not only gives a different taste but also you can use it and discover a new recipe.
– Never cook sprouts with some acidic food. First boil the sprouts than add tomatoes or other acidic food like lemon and mix it. This will keep the real taste of sprouts.
– To make a crispy French fries, boil the potatoes and once it’s cool, sprinkle some corn starch over the boiled potatoes and again fry it. It will makes the French fries crispier.
– Add cumin seeds and black pepper tempering in a dry potatoes recipe which adds different taste.
– To keep the lemon fresh and juicy for longer time, keep it in an air tight bottle and place it into the refrigerator.
– You can add dry cherries in making a cake, muffins and cookies.
– To make raita more delicious add 2-3 cloves in it.
– Use cookie cutter to give different shapes to the pan cakes which make it attractive and children love to have it.
– Soak the chilies in water for 2-3 minutes than make a paste of it, soaked chilies are easily to crush.
– To make a crispy puri, add 1 teaspoon semolina and 1 teaspoon rice flour into the wheat flour it will make the puris crispier.
– While making a tomato catchup at home, if it becomes too sweet then add lemon juice to it, it will balance the taste.
– Add 1 boiled potato and ajwain in to the paratha flour, it will makes the paratha tastier.