Nirmala August 20, 2022

1. Kofta :

Kofta means meatballs although in one of the most popular Mughlai dishes malai kofta the balls in question are veg made with paneer. Otherwise the kofta will likely be minced and spiced mutton (also called keema) unless its nargisi kofta which means a hardboiled egg coated in ground meat (and which may have inspired the U.K.s Scotch egg). In any case the fried kofta balls are typically smothered in a lovely creamy curry sauce patiently waiting for your naan to scoop it up.

2. Kulle :

Kulle is fruit chaat alleged to have been invented in Delhi and a brilliant interpretation of the genre in our opinion especially on a hot summers day. Whats better than fresh fruit and vegetables skins peeled of course hollowed out and topped with salty tangy spices chickpeas and jewelbright pomegranate seeds? Just about nothing. Finally an Indian street chaat thats completely guiltfree.

3. Papri chaat :

A definitive street chaat or snack of Delhi papri chaat is called so for the crispyfried round wafers (papri) that give it its addictive crunch. In the style of typical chaat the papri is accompanied by boiled potato chickpeas chaat masala a yogurt sauce and tamarind and coriander chutneys. You might also find it with pomegranate seeds and sev or fried gram flour. An absolutely perfect marriage of spicy sweet tangy soothing and crunchy this is our favorite of all chaats.

4. Dal makhani :

A Punjabi staple dal makhani is a hearty spicy tomatobased dish of urad dal (lentils) and rajma or red kidney beans usually slowcooked with butter and some cream for a thick consistency and rich taste (makhani means with butter in Hindi; see also butter chicken). Common on many Delhi menus as a simple yet filling vegetarian meal it is pretty darn delicious like a buttery bean chili to our tastes. Indian comfort food. for sure.

5. Rabri faluda :

One of the more interesting things we tasted in Delhi rabri faluda is a sweet rich drink so thick its served with a spoon consisting of vermicelli noodles (faluda same as that in kulfi faluda) and a pasty traditional sweet called rabri made of boiled milk cream sugar nuts and cardamom. The rabri is scooped on top of a glass of faluda then topped with crushed ice and mixed well. Its a very heavy floral drink likely with Persian roots.

6. Mutton chicken korma :

A mild curry in which meat (often yogurtmarinated) is cooked in a thick gravy of ground onions ginger garlic lots of whole and ground spices and ghee mutton (usually goat here) and chicken korma (also spelled qorma) are staples on any MuslimMughlai restaurant around town. Theyre best enjoyed with a fluffy bread like tandoori roti naan or sheermal a sweet leavened bread.

7. Kulfi :

Indias take on ice cream kulfi is a frozen dairybased dessert traditionally made by boiling milk until it reduces and condenses then sweetening cooling and freezing it in clay cups or in long narrow molds with a stick. Its commonly flavored with spices nuts and/or fruits. Because there are no eggs or whipping/churning involved kulfi is especially dense smooth and creamy. And once it gets hot in Delhi its just about necessary for survival.