Nirmala April 18, 2022

1. Baadi :

It is a truly exquisite dish that has charmed the inhabitants of the state of Uttarakhand from time immemorial by virtue of its tongue tingling taste and rejuvenating aroma. Baadi is also bequeathed with all the chief nutrients that execute the various activities of our body. These include vitamins like vitamin B12 and Vitamin A, whose deficiency leads to a dreaded condition known as ‘Night Blindness’ and various minerals as well.

2. Kandalee Ka Saag :

Uttarakhand is known for its distinctive food items, one of which is Kandalee Ka Saag. This dish is one of the vegetable preparations that are highly popular with visitors and tourists to the area. Kandalee Ka Saag is actually a green leafy vegetable dish, prepared in the way you would cook any other green vegetables. The leaves are regionally known as ‘Bichhu Ghas’ and are plucked when they are young.A great number of people in Uttrakhand are vegetarian in diet. The highly nutritious kandalee ka saag of Uttarakhand feature prominently in their diet. It is also great loved by the visitors to this magic land in the lap of the Himalayas.

3. Jhangora Ki Kheer :

hangora Ki Kheer is a sweet dish of Uttaranchal. It is prepared with Jhangora (a local cereal), milk, sugar and dry fruits. It is usually served as dessert. The ingredients and method of cooking are given below. This Garhwali recipe is a easy to cook recipe.

4. Bhatt Ki Churdkani :

The occupants of Uttarakhand just love to spend their coveted weekends in the cozy comforts of home and satiate their hunger by devouring the most exotic dish of Uttarakhand, Bhatt Ki Churdkani. Being also spelled as ‘Churkaani’, Bhatt Ki Churdkani augments the glory and charm of many occasions and festivals feted in the state of Uttarakhand. Being prepared from black bhatt blended with rice paste and ordinary flour, Bhatt Ki Churdkani also has a very high nutritive value. Bhatt Ki Churdkani is bestowed with all the various essential elements like vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc.

5. Sawala :

Uttarakhand is known for its characteristic food items, one of which is swala of Uttarakhand. This dish is one of the sweet preparations that are very popular with visitors and tourists to the area.Swala of Uttarakhand is a familiar dish that is an essential component if one seeks to prepare a comprehensive list of dishes which would represent the local cuisine.

6. Phaanu :

Phaanu is also made of Dals (lentils) like Chainsoo but here the pulses are soaked in water for about a minimum of 4-6 hours before its use. A number of lentils like Arhar, Moong or Urad can be used to make Phaanu.

7. Palau :

It is a sweet and salty dish, which is usually served as an accompaniment to the main meals. Initially, no salt or sugar is added to the Palau, but you can choose to use the salt or sugar according to your individual taste. The dish is a favorite of the visitors to the state, and is largely relished by the local inhabitants as well.Palau is specialty of Uttarakhand, and is scarcely found anywhere else in its true form. It involves the use of local ingredients, especially the jhangora that is a cereal found exclusively of the slopes of Uttarakhand. The ingredients required to prepare the dish known as palau of Uttarakhand