Nirmala August 30, 2023

1. Gatte ki Sabji :

Gatte ki sabji is known as the rich spicy dish in the Rajasthani Thali. Gatte ki sabji consist of the rolls of besan poured into the khadhi of sabji and then cooked with pouring spices into the same. the reason why it is so rich because of the unique process of cooking of the same.

2. Kadhi :

The famous kadhi is the Rajasthani dish is made of yogurt and besan in it. The add on flanour is given by Tej pata (leave)into it which gives a perfect smell and taste along with the spices in it.

3. Besanwali Bharwan Mirch :

Big green chilies with the stuffing of gram flour and spice mixture) The combination of gram flour (besan) and yoghurt is used to prepare the traditional gravies. Kadhi and gatte ki subzi are the best examples of such combinations.

4. Mirchi Bada

Sharing prime spot with samosas and kachoris in the snack market are Mirchi Badas green chillies dunked in besan and deep fried. You can even find vendors selling these on makeshift handcarts by the roadside.

5. Besan Ki Chakki :

Dilkushar, popularly known as besan ki chakki, is a traditional Rajasthani sweet made of Gram flour. Gram flour is a major ingredients here and used to make some of the delicacies like Khatta, gatta ki sabji, pakodi, powedered lentile are used for mangodi, papad. This mithai is also called Besan ki Chakki or Mohanthal usually made at weddings and on special occasions.

6. Chana Dal aur Gur Chawal :

This is another classic combination similar to Mogar and Chasni Chawal. Dry spicy Bengal gram is necessarily accompanied by this fennel flavoured aromatic jaggery rice. Rituals and festivals have been always celebrated in a grand way in true Hindu tradition prevalent all over Rajasthan. Festive foods therefore receive the utmost attention. Yellow sweetened rice (sweetened with either sugar or jaggery) is always prepared as an offering to Goddess Saraswati on Basant Panchami. A tradition that has been followed by the maharajas through centuries.

7. Lassi :

Natural yogurt is churned to remove the butter content for the making of Lassi or buttermilk a cooling summer beverage.