Halwai March 11, 2021


• Grated one full Coconut
• Coconut water taken from one Coconut
• Long grain Rice – 3 cups (soak the Rice for 10 hours)
• Sugar – 1.5 cup
• Yeast – 1/2 tsp
• Salt to taste


  1. Wash rice and drain.
  2. Blend the coconut, rice and sugar together until it becomes very creamy.
  3. Consistency of batter can be like dosa batter.
  4. Add the coconut water to blend the mixture.
  5. Add 1 tsp of hot water to yeast.
  6. Mix it very well in the batter. Keep it for 8 hours to ferment.
  7. The batter will be bubbly.
  8. Add a pinch of baking soda, salt and mix the batter.
  9. Heat skillet with oil. Pour batter and make it like pancake or dosa.
  10. Cover with a lid. Do not flip the appam.
  11. Remove the lid in a couple of minutes to make sure it is cooked.
  12. Serve with meat curry or potato stew.

Recipe courtesy of Sify Bawarchi