Halwai September 19, 2017


• 3/4 cup – Butter
• Oil for frying
• Slices of Garlic bread cut into round shapes with a cookie cutter
• Lettuce leaves, shredded to the same size as the bread rounds
• 100 gms – beans, boiled in salt water
• Fresh Mint leaves


  1. Melt the butter in a pan.
  2. Remove the melted butter in a shallow dish.
  3. Heat oil in a wok.
  4. Dip each bread slice into the melted butter letting the bread soak with butter.
  5. In a non-stick frying pan shallow fry each bread slice until it is crisp and golden brown in colour.
  6. Arrange the bread slices on a serving tray.
  7. Place a piece of shredded lettuce onto each side.
  8. Place a spoonful of bean over each lettuce shred.
  9. Garnish each slice with a fresh mint leaf.