Halwai January 11, 2019


• 1.5 cup – grated Cauliflower
• 1/2 cup – Green Peas, thawed
• 1 – large Onion, chopped
• 1 – large Tomato, chopped
• 1 tbsp – Ginger Garlic paste
• 1/2 tsp – Asafoetida
• 1 tsp each – Cumin seeds, Red Chilli powder, turmeric, coriander powder
• Slat to taste
• 2 tsp – Oil
• 2-3 – Green Chillies, chopped small
• Black pepper to garnish
• 1 tsp – Garam Masala
• Spring onion to garnish ( optional )
• Cilantro leaves to garnish


  1. Wash cauliflower with warm water, grate it and drain well.
  2. Now heat 1 tsp oil in another pan and roast grated cauliflower for 5-6 min on medium flame so that it gets dry and fluffy.
  3. Keep aside once done.
  4. Now heat 1 tsp oil in a pan, splutter cumin seeds and add asafoetida to it.
  5. Add chopped onion and saute till brown.
  6. Add ginger garlic paste and fry for a minute on low flame.
  7. Then add tomatoes and green chilies, cook covered for 4-5 minutes stirring in between.
  8. Add all the spices except garam masala and black pepper, combine well and cook again for 2-3 more minutes till the masala gets cooked.
  9. Now add peas and cook covered for another 3- 4 minutes till it gets slight tender. It might take longer if using fresh peas; you just need to get them almost cooked not completely mashed up.
  10. Add in grated cauliflower and give a gentle toss, don’t mix it hard else it will result in mushy cauliflower.
  11. Cook it uncovered for next 3-4 minutes, folding gently in between.
  12. Turn off the flame and add garam masala to the dish.
  13. Serve hot garnishing with black pepper, cilantro and spring onion.

Recipe courtesy of Nupur