Halwai March 25, 2019


• 1/4 kg -green chillies
• oil to fry the bhajji
• For filling:
• 150 gs -groundnuts
• 2 – Lime Sugar
• 2 tsp- salt
• For the batter:
• 150 gs -besan
• salt


  1. Take the green chillies, slit in the middle lengthwise and leaving the top and the end intact. Take out the seeds from the chillies with a spoon and wash chillies thoroughly.
  2. In a kadai, dry roast ground nuts till it becomes crisp and the skin peels off.
  3. Powder it. To this, add lime, sugar and salt. Fill this into the green chillies tightly.
  4. Make a batter with besan, salt and water and mix together.
  5. Heat the oil in the kadai.
  6. Dip this stuffed green chilli in the batter like any other bhajji and dip it in hot oil. Let this get cooked and take it out when it is golden and crisp.
  7. Serve hot and with no side dish.

Recipe courtesy of Vidhya