Kasturi August 31, 2023

Banarasi Peda is Uttar Pradesh’s recipe. Peda is an Indian sweet recipe which is used in every special occasions and festivals. Banarasi peda is very sweet and delicious recipe. Let’s make Banarasi Peda for Diwali celebrations.
Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Servings: 3 Persons

Banarasi Peda Recipe


– 1 Kilo Khoya (mawa)
– 375 gram sugar
– 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
– 25 gram sugar-candy
– 25 grams almonds
– 25 grams pistachios
– A few drops of rose essence

How To Cook?

1. Pound sugar candy very coarsely.
2. Blanch and slice the nuts finely and mix with sugar-candy and set aside.
3. Place khoya (mawa), sugar and 2 tablespoon of milk in a heavy-bottomed pan.
4. Cook over a SLOW fire, stirring all the time till all the moisture is absorbed, and the moisture turns very thick and leaves the sides of the pan.
5. Mix in cardamoms and essence and remove from fire.
6. Knead to a smooth mixture with your hands when cool, then from into small round and flat balls.
7. Cover both the sides of the balls with pieces of sugar-candy and nuts, press in gently so that the nuts adhere to the pedas.
8. Store in airtight containers or serve.