Halwai March 2, 2023


• 2 kg – guavas, ripe
• 4 tsp – citric acid
• 1200 g – Sugar
• 8 drops – green food colour


  1. Peel and pressure cook the guavas with one cup water.
  2. Mash guava.
  3. Strain pulp and discard seeds.
  4. Cook sugar and pulp on low, till all sugar dissolves.
  5. Cook and stir frequently, till mixture is thick.
  6. Make sure to stir in continuously else, it would stick to the bottom of the pan. For best results, use a heavy bottomed, non-stick pan.
  7. Add citric acid and colour.
  8. Mix till well blended.
  9. Fill in sterile jar. Cool and store.
  10. Can be served with rotis, bread or dosas.

Recipe courtesy of Sify Bawarchi