Nirmala August 30, 2023

1. Kodo ka Roti :

Kodo ko roti is typical pancake prepared from finger millet locally called Kodo which is served with different varieties if pickles.Mix finger millet flour-sugar with 1 cup of lukewarm water and knead to make a thick paste. Heat ghee in a frying pan and spread tablespoon heaped of paste into a greased frying pan. Thoroughly cook over medium heat, and remove. Repeat with remaining mixture. Kodo ko roti is served with pickles.

2. Saelroti :

Widely prepared during Nepali festivals, Saelroti is normally eaten with potato curry or non-vegetarian dish. Normally not available in restaurants but Saelroti is prepared from well-mixed fermented rice batter which is deep fried, ring-shaped, spongy, pretzel-like product commonly consume as confectionery bread in festival and special occasions. The batter is fermented by spp. of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria.

3. Masauyra :

Masauyra is a fermented black gram, ball-like hollow product consume as spicy condiment. Masauyra is mostly common among Newar of the Nepalis. It is similar to the Punjabi Wari.

4. Shimi ka Achar :

Shimi ko achar is pickle made up from string bean (Dolichus lablab) locally called shimi.Wash and cut string beans into thin slanting slices. Boil for 5 min and strain. Roast Til for 3 min and grind to make a thick paste. Heat oil and fry sliced green chilies. Pour these over the beans. Add Til paste, salt and lemon to taste and mix well. Shimi ko achar is ready to serve with Selroti.

5. Kakara pitha :

A deep fried sweet dish like arisha but made of wheat/maida flour and coconut, jaggery, black pepper, edible camphor and chhena stuffing.Kakara pitha is a sweet deep-fried cake from Orissa offered to God and served hot or cold on many festivals.

6. Kalakand :

Kalakand is a popular Pakistani sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese.

7. Pitha :

Pitha is a type of cake, dimsum or bread common in Bangladesh and India, especially the eastern states of Assam, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, and the northeastern region. Pithas are typically made of rice flour, although there are some types of pitha made of wheat flour. Less common types of pitha are made of palm or ol (a local root vegetable).