Halwai October 31, 2023


• 500 gms – Besan
• 500 gms – Sugar
• A pinch of baking powder
• 1 small tsp – white elaichi powder
• 2 big tbsp – Ghee to fry
• 1/2 gm. Saffron


  1. Mix the besan and baking powder and pass through a fine sieve and make a batter with 2 tbsp – milk and 2 tbsp – ghee.
  2. To fry, take a karahi and add the ghee and let it melt. Take a sieve with little big holes and pass it from the sieve to the karahi and fry the small boondis till golden.
  3. Mix 250 gms sugar in water and make a chashni of three strings. Add the white cardamom powder and saffron. Put the hot boondi in the chasni and mix well.
  4. When the mixture cools, make small balls of laddoo.