Halwai September 23, 2023


• 1/2 pound – boned and skinned Chicken breasts
• For marinade:
• 1/2 – Egg white
• 1.5 tsp – salt
• 1 tbsp – dry sherry
• 1 tsp – oriental sesame oil
• 2 tsp – cornstarch
• 1 tbsp – soy sauce
• 3 tbsp – Corn oil
• 1 – large Garlic clove, crushed slightly with the cleaver
• 1 pound – fresh spinach, washed, drained and with tough stems removed
• 1 tsp – kosher salt
• 1/2 tsp – Sugar
• 1/2 cup – Corn oil, for poaching


  1. Freeze the chicken as separate pieces.
  2. Thaw until semi frozen, and then shred fine.
  3. Mix the chicken with the marinade ingredients and marinate for at least 1 hour, or overnight.
  4. Divide the chicken shreds into two equal portions and mix the soy sauce into one portion.
  5. Heat a wok over high heat until very hot and add the 3 tbsp of corn oil.
  6. Add the garlic and stir fry for a few seconds, being careful not to let it burn.
  7. Add the spinach and stir fry until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed with the oil.
  8. Add the salt and sugar.
  9. As soon as the spinach wilts, use a pair of tongs or chopsticks to transfer the spinach to the centre of an oblong serving platter.
  10. Discard the garlic and any accumulated liquid.
  11. Wipe the wok clean with a paper towel.
  12. Reheat the wok.
  13. Place the strainer over a pot near the stove.
  14. Add half cup of corn oil to the wok, heat to about 280 F and add the chicken portion without the soy sauce. Stir quickly to separate the pieces of chicken.
  15. As soon as the chicken turns white, pour the contents of the wok into the strainer and allow the oil to drain away.
  16. Transfer the chicken to one side of the spinach.
  17. Cook the chicken portion with the soy sauce in the same manner and arrange on the opposite side of the spinach.
  18. Serve hot.