Nirmala January 12, 2023

1. Shevaya chi Kheer :

Shevaya is cooked with milk until it becomes consistent. Sugar or jiggery is used to add a sweet taste to the dish and perked with cardamom seeds and chopped nuts. The similar Kheer can be prepared from rice, dudhi and semolina.

2. Bharit Bhakri :

Bharit is another dish enjoyed with the same kind of bread called Bhakri mentioned earlier. Bharit is prepared by roasting and then mashing a particular variety of large Brinjal (Eggplant). Thereafter spices, seasoning, chopped onions and tomatoes are added. Bharit Bhakri is quite typically a Maharashtrian cuisine and usually available in the same restaurants as Pitla Bhakri.

3. Thecha :

Thecha is vegetarian Maharashtrian food preparation. It is prepared crushing together green or red chilies, salt and garlic, oil/ghee and cloves may be added. It is served with dishes like pithla bhakri. or is eaten with bhakri. A regional variation is the varhadi thecha. It has been described by Sanjeev Kapoor as a popular relish.