Halwai March 18, 2018


• One whole fish (pan size, serves 2, can use 2 or more fish depending on serving, pls add the ingredients accordingly)
• Oil (enough for frying)
• Mushrooms (4-6 medium size)
• Green/red Chillies (2-4, can add more if required more hot)
• Onions (2-3 medium size)
• Garlic (5 pcs)
• Soy Souce (3 table spoon)
• Lemon (one)
• Aata (Flour) ( 3 table spoon to spread over the fish)
• Haldi powder (one tea spoon)
• Basil ( 8-10 leafs)


  1. Step 1- Clean the fish but do not chop.
  2. Z159Spread some salt and rub with your finger on fish to remove the smell.
  3. Use knife to cross diagonally on fish to through spices.
  4. Spread some haldi powder and rub on fish both side (leave it for 5 min).
  5. Spread some aata (to crisp the fish) and repeat the process number 4 (leave it for 5 min).
  6. On a frying pan pour some oil and fry the fish both side.
  7. After the fish is fried removed it from the pan and place it on a big plate.
  8. Use another pan (or clean up the old one) to fry onion and garlic (golden brown).
  9. Add chopped mushrooms, green chillies, and basil.
  10. Stir it occasionally.
  11. Add 3 table spoon soy souce and stir it for one minute.
  12. Step 2-
  13. Squeeze lemon on fish and pour all the paste on the fish evenly.
  14. Serving style:
  15. Cover the plate with patta gobhi (cabbage) before placing the fish.
  16. After pouring the paste use some tomato slices for garnishing.
  17. South East Fish is ready to serve.

Recipe courtesy of Vikki