Halwai November 11, 2023


• 1 cup – besan flour
• 1 cup – Milk
• 1 cup – freshly grated Coconut
• 1 cup – Ghee
• 3 cups – Sugar


  1. Heat the milk and pour into a measuring cup.
  2. Heat the ghee and keep it aside.
  3. Place the kadai over fire and add milk, grated coconut and sugar.
  4. Place it on fire for five minutes or till all the ingredients mix well.
  5. Add besan flour.
  6. Make sure it mixes well with other ingredients and forms a nice batter.
  7. Keep stirring continuously and maintain the heat at medium.
  8. Add ghee.
  9. When the mixture starts separating from the ghee, remove from the heat.
  10. Now, pour this into a thali (with a little bit of ghee spread on it).
  11. Cut the batter to small squares while still hot.

Recipe courtesy of Santhi Chaturvedula