Halwai January 31, 2023


• 1 cup – penne Pasta
• 1/2 cup – Capsicum (red, green, yellow)
• 1 – Onion
• 3 tbsp – mozzarella cheese
• 1 tbsp – Olive oil
• 1 tsp – Ginger – Garlic paste
• 1/2 tsp – Green chillies
• 1 tsp – crushed pepper


  1. Cook pasta with salt and a tsp of oil till it becomes soft.
  2. Drain pasta in a colander, and wash the pasta twice under running water.
  3. After draining, add a tsp olive oil, so that it does not become sticky.
  4. Heat pan with olive oil add sliced onions to it, add a pinch of salt and fry for a minute.
  5. Now add ginger garlic paste, minced green chillies to it, saute well till the raw smell goes off.
  6. Then add the sliced capsicum, with enough salt and cook until it is half done.
  7. Now preheat oven for 200 degrees Celsius.
  8. Divide pasta, vegetables and cheese to 3 portions, arranging with sauteed veggie as the first layer then add cooked pasta.
  9. Now spread cheese, repeat the same cycle twice.
  10. Then bake it until the cheese melts and forms a golden crust on top.
  11. Take out from oven and add crushed pepper on top. Serve.
  12. Recipe courtesy: Pachanti