Abhilasha April 5, 2022

500gm all purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon soda bicarbonate
125gm ghee
2-3 tablespoon yogurt
500gm sugar
2 cups water
750g mghee for frying
Cold water for kneading
½ teaspoon chopped pista
6-8 cardamoms, powdered
2-3 silver barak

Sieve the flour & soda bicarbonate together .
Rub 125g ghee into the flour lightly.
Add yogurt, cold water gradually and make a very light dough. Cover with a dry cloth.
Boil together the sugar and water. To make thick sugar syrup.
Heat ghee in a pan. Remove from heat and cool to a lukewarm stage. Again keep on a low flame.
Divide the dough into balls. Flatten them slightly and press each with the thumb at the center.
Deep fry on a slow flame till half done on both the sides. Fry to golden brown on medium flame.
When cold, dip in the sugar syrup.
Arrange on a plate and garnish with chopped pista, cardamom powder and silver barak.

Cooking time: 40-45 minutes