Halwai March 30, 2021


• Bread slices-6
• Thick Curd – 2 cups
• Urad Dal -1/3 cup
• Red Chilli powder and salt according to taste
• A handful of cut green coriander
• Oil for deep frying


  1. Soak the urad dal in water for an hour. Grind the dal to a paste.
  2. Add the required salt to the above paste and mix thoroughly.
  3. Remove the sides of the bread and then soak the bread in a small amount of water. Squeeze out the extra water.
  4. Add chilli powder and required salt and mash it.
  5. Now, make balls from the above soaked and squeezed bread. (If you squeeze the water completely, then it will be difficult to make balls).
  6. Dip each bread ball in the urad-dal paste so that it is completely coated and deep fry the balls to golden brown colour. Put it on a plate.
  7. Now, beat the curd without adding water. Pour the beaten curd over the bread vadai. Garnish with cut coriander.
  8. This goes well with a hot and sweet chutney.

Recipe courtesy of Saraswathi