Kasturi May 29, 2023

Cheese ball is easy to make and easy to serve. Children love it. Serve this delicious cheese ball with salted biscuits and enjoy the cheese ball.

Preparation?Time:?10 Minutes
Cooking Time:?No Cooking
Servings:?Makes 2 teacups

Cheese Ball Recipe


4 teacups fresh curds (dahi)
2 tablespoons fresh cream
2 teaspoons finely chopped onions
2 teaspoons finely chopped capsicum
Half teaspoon finely chopped green chillies
Salt to test
Sprigs of parsley and chopped capsicum for decoration
Carrot slices, cucumber slices
Capsicum slices and salted biscuits (e.g. Monaco) to serve

How To Cook?

Step 1 : Take a thin cloth and put the curds in it, tie and hang for 3 hrs. to let the water to drain out.

2. Now, Take the curds and add cream, onion, capsicum, chilies and salt.

3. Now place it in the freezer to make it chiller.

Extra Tips

For easier dispersal, remove cheese balls from the refrigerator 30 mints before the servings
Serve with salted biscuits