Kasturi August 31, 2023

Ghughra is very famous and favorite Gujarati recipe. It’s very tasty and healthy snack recipe. Ghughra is best food to make your children healthier. You can easily make it at home in very less time.
Preparation Time: 15 Minute
Cooking Time: 30 Minute
Servings: Makes 20-25 Ghughra

coconut and jeera ghughra recipe


For the Dough

– 500 gm refined flour (maida)
– 6 tablespoon ghee or oil

For the Stuffing

– 100 gm cumin (jeera)
– ? tablespoon cardamom (elaichi) powder
– 20 gm almond, cutted into small pieces
– 20 gm Cashew, cutted into small pieces
– 20 gm raisin (kismis)
– 50 gm coconut, grated
– 100 gm jiggery
– Oil or ghee for frying
– Salt to taste

How To Cook?

For the Dough

1. Take a bowl and add refined flour, then add 6 tablespoon oil and some water to it and make dough.
2. Add required water and make soft and hard dough.

For the Stuffing

1. Take a small pot and add some cumin seeds and fry it until it becomes golden brown in color.
2. Now, add jiggery, almond, raisin and Cashews.
3. Keep it aside to make it cool.

To? Make Ghughra

1. Make small round balls of dough and make a round roti of it.
2. Now, add stuffing in the half part of a roti and fold it with the other part of roti and seal the edges with using some drop of water.
3. Ensure that the stuffing is not coming out from it.
4. Now, heat oil into a deep kadhai and fry Ghughra at MEDIUM heat flame.
5. Heat Ghughra until it becomes golden brown in color.