Nirmala March 14, 2023

1. Raw Mango Sabzi :

Raw mango is used for chutneys and sometimes to make sabzi as well. During summer, mom is used to make the khatta meetha rw mango gravy sabzi which is mostly done in the villages of west UP and Haryana. That is why I will list this raw mango sabzi in both UP and Haryana Cuisines.

2. Lapsi :

Lapsi is a sweet dish which is made of broken wheat (Wheat dalia). Traditional, lapsi is cooked with jaggery but now a days, sugar is often used to make lapsi. The taste differs a lot and me and family like the jaggery lapsi than the sugar lapsi.Lapsi is popular in West UP, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Gujarati Lapsi is a little different then this Lapsi recipe. Lapsi is cooked only with three basic ingredients Broken wheat, jaggery and ghee. Yes, water is added also. We can add dry fruits also in it. I prefer to dissolve the jaggery or sugar before using them in the recipe. Few people use them directly.

3. Matar Chutney :

Matar ki chutney, a not so common chutney recipe but it is often prepared in haryanvi kitchens. People from Haryana are fond of chutneys. They try making chutney from different ingredients. During my stay in this state, i learnt few new recipes. Matar ki chutney wasa new recipe for me. I thought of posting this recipe as soon as i was back to work.

4. Mooli Bhurji :

Mooli (Radish) Bhurji is a routine mooli (radish) and its leaf dish. It is a dry dish and in winter, it is cooked often. This dish is mostly cooked in Haryana, West UP and Punjab.I have seen that in north Indian states, radish (mooli) is sold with the leaf whereas in southern states of India, it is sold without leaf. During winter, there is lot of radish in north states and thats why we make mooli paratha, mooli bhuri or mooli leaf chutney during winter. Mooli leaf chutney is very famous in Uttrakhand. It is served with Ram Ladoo. Well, it is going very far now, Ram Ladoo is a very tasty and healthy dish and I am having that on my list to publish later.

5. Gond ke Ladoo :

Gond ke Ladoo is made during winter season. In north India, Gond Ladoo is given to the ladies after child birth. It is supposed to provide strength to the body. We can mix the dry fruits in gond ke ladoo while making. Making Gond Ladoo is easy but it take time to make. Have patience while preparing Gond Ladoo as it is not a quick recipe. Here is the complete recipe to make Gond Ladoo.

6. Guava Chutney :

Amrood chutney, I first saw this chutney getting prepared in a haryanvi kitchen. In Haryana, people are fond of chutneys. Amrood chutney is not a popular chutney, but this is an amazing chutney. This is no where less then the coriander chutney.Amrood chutney can be served with any chaat instead of coriander chutney. It is good to have even with the sandwich. Whether amrood chutney is prepared with raw guava or the riped guava, the taste is same. One can actually smell amrood in the ready chutney.

7. Bajra Roti :

Bajra or millet flour, which is the grain from Haryana and Rajasthan makes nice soft Rotis. Again it is a winter dish as bajra helps keeping the body warm.Bajra Roti is served with Kadhi and mango pickle. In my family, thay garnish the bajra roti with ghee / butter.