Nirmala August 28, 2023

1. RaazmaGogji :

This dish is primarily a raazma (kidney beans) dish but along with turnip pieces in it. The turnip gives a different Kashmiri twist to the dish altogether, which makes it different than the way raazma is usually made.

2. Dum Olav :

Kashmiri cuisine is rich, flavourful and hot .Kashmiris used very fragrant and hot spices to flavour their food .The best and most popular vegetarian dish from this cuisine is kashmiri dum aloo or dum olav. kashmiri dum aloo which is often served with the creamy and slightly sweet gravy in most of the reastaurant are not the authentic kashmiri dum aloo,as tomatoes ,cream and cashew paste is not used to make kashmiri dum aloo.kashmiri dum aloo is cooked with yogurt,fennel ,ginger powder and few spices,and while cooking on dum, the gravy is almost absorbed in the potatoes,and then the potatoes are served coated with spices and little fat and off course no gravy.

3. NadirWaangan :

This dish comprises of lotus stems with brinjal and can be cooked in two different ways one is cooked in red spicy gravy and the other with a yogurt base curry/gravy.

4. Haakmonji :

This is the most commonly made dish you will find in any Kashmiri household. This dish consists of spinach/saag along with radish (preferably) and is made almost every other day in any Kashmiri household. It is very good for eyes and even though it looks a little bland, but it actually is unbelievably tasty.

5. Modur Pulaav :

Heat the milk in a heavybottomed pot. Add rice (drained) and cook on low heat till the milk begins to get absorbed.

6. Nadirhaak Gogji Monji :

This is a dish favourite among the locals wherein lotus stems are cooked with spinach/saag or radish which somehow turns out to be fingerlicking good.

7. Gogji Raazma :

Turnip is ususlly available during winters when the temperature is below 20 degree Celsius Thus this type of dish is prepared during winters and eaten with white boiled rice.