Nirmala July 28, 2022

1. Sattu Sahrbat :

Sattu Sahrbat is a popular beverage in northern part of india during hot summer days. Sattu Sahrbat cools down the bosy natural ways. Here is the complete recipe for sattu sharbat.

2. Carrot Pickle :

The crispy Carrot pickle, thinking about it and can get taste of it in mouth. Mom is used to make carrot pickle every 15 – 20 days during winter as we all loved this pickle and would prefer to have it in every meal.Carrot Pickle is not like mango pickle or lemon pickle which take too many days to get ready. Carrot pickle can be consumed after 3rd day of its preparation as it really takes very small time to get ready.

3. Chana Dal Sabzi :

Chana dal sabzi is a new sabzi recipe for me. I got this recipe from a relative. It is often cooked in Haryana. Chana Dal sabzi is a dry sabzi. We can make it semi gravy too but the dry chana dal sabzi version is better then the semi gravy because if we add gravy to the chana dal, it does not remain chana dal sabzi any more, it becomes a regular chana dal dish.I washed and soaked chana dal in water for 2 hours for this sabzi recipe. We need to keep the chana dal soaked as we are not going to cook it in pressure cooker, instead it is cooked in a kadai. So softer the chana dal, less cooking time for the chana dal sabzi. I used regular spices like cumin seeds, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala.. to make chana dal sabzi like any other sabzi.